Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome, job hunters!

Needless to say, Michigan is struggling. Our state reached an unemployment rate of 14.6 percent last month— roughly 4 percent higher than the nationwide rate.

We also live in a time when advances in technology, job out-sourcing and the worst economic recession in decades are constantly changing our career paths.

The daily newspaper reporter now also serves as a blogger, photographer and copy editor. Big Three auto workers find themselves back at the local community college learning new skill sets. Recent college graduates and experienced, laid-off workers man retail and food service positions, which were once traditionally reserved as "after-school jobs" for teenagers.

Yes, it’s a time of struggle. And it’s a time of change.

But it is also a time for growth— as a state, as an economy and as individuals.

Together, as a community here at The Michigan Job Hunt, we can share our journey as job seekers and as Michiganders. With news of job creation sprinkled with career advice, I hope you find this blog useful in your own hunt for the perfect job… or at least, the one that pays the bills.

- The Michigan Job Gal -

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