Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Michigan receives nearly $6 million for green jobs

Lansing — Michigan was awarded a $5,819,999 federal grant to train 1,000 Michigan residents and place them in green jobs announced Gov. Jennifer Granholm earlier this week.

“This investment will train a thousand Michigan workers for green, in-demand jobs in our state,” Granholm stated in a press release. “These workers will be involved in the fields of advanced battery production, solar energy and energy-efficient building construction.”

This State Energy Sector Partnership Training grant will provide resources to Granholm’s Green Jobs Initiative as well as funding three regional project teams in the following areas:

1. Advanced Energy Storage: A $1.36 billion U.S. Department of Energy grant will be used to create an Advanced Battery Skills Alliance in Southeast Michigan. The alliance will provide undergraduate and graduate-level training and work placement assistance in the advanced energy storage field. Possible occupations include engineers, assemblers, technologists and technicians.

2. Solar Energy: A solar project team in Southeast Michigan and another team in Mid-Michigan will assist in training chemical process technicians, solar engineering technicians and installers.

3. Energy Efficient Construction: A Flint-area energy efficient construction team will train workers for Green Construction and Sustainable Construction certificates, an Associates degree and/or trade apprenticeship opportunities.

“Michigan has been at the forefront nationally in the effort to promote a new clean energy economy and programs leading to good jobs,” stated Stanley Pruss, director of the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth, in a state press release.

“This award will connect Michigan workers to jobs and career pathways in targeted industries, helping to simultaneously advance the State's integrated energy, workforce and economic development vision and supporting programs,” Pruss said.

Green careers span a range of professions and industries, including the automotive industry, agriculture, building and construction, natural resource conservation, energy production and research and design industries.

To apply for green job training, Michigan’s No Worker Left Behind program recommends visiting your local Michigan Works! Agency.

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